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Be The Master Of Your Own Success!


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Roz Huang

With decades of experience as a successful serial entrepreneur and CEO, Roz encountered a common dilemma: Entrepreneurs tend to get in the way of themselves.

Challenges in business know-how and knowing exactly who they serve, combined with a lack of self-care, seem to stop them short of a real business breakthrough.

Some entrepreneurs respond by playing it safe, always wondering if they could have done and been more. Others go the opposite way, adopting an inauthentic confrontational approach that risks alienating customers and potential business partners. Either way, they don't achieve their full potential when it comes to business success.

Is this you?
If so, you need to become the Master of the Business Basics.

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Be The Master Of Your Own Success!

Success is something you develop, something you become, and you attract !

Roz Huang

Roz is unique! Not only is she a street-smart multicultural and extremely successful serial entrepreneur. Roz came from China to America as a young girl to get her MBA. She had to fend for herself and build her life on her own - no one to "grandfather" her. As a female and minority, Roz has faced many challenges following her dream of getting her name on top of several successful businesses.

What is unique about Roz is that she is always transforming. She knows her limits, and she is sharply focused. Her advice to entrepreneurs and female and minority leaders is to stay openhearted and treat everyone equally. No matter if you are speaking with a homeless or the president. Because the truth is that the homeless can be the next billionaire, Roz has seen this happen with her own eyes.

Clapping Audience


Roz's desire to make a difference and be an example to the next generation of young women entrepreneurs sparked her philanthropic venture as the co-founder/chairwoman of the International Music and Wellness Council (IMWC). This non-profit organization provides wellness coaching and life care therapy to help adults and children with special needs.

  • Member of the board of Directors of AppTech Payments Corp., a Nasdaq publicly listed FinTech company.

  • Member of Board of Advisors to Intivahealth, Inc. Austin, a TX healthcare company.

  • Co-director at Alzheimer's Association, Georgia.

  • Co-Founder & Chairwoman of International Music & Wellness Council, 501(c)(3).

  • Member of Advisory Board of Directors to UCI, Paul Merage Business School, Beal Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Her expertise includes sustainability, healthcare, education, digital wellness, corporate governance, and investor relations. Her in-depth global business expertise and success set her apart as a highly sort-after business and leadership advisor. She brings integrity to every project she works on and inspires others to do the same.

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Together with invited global Fortune 500 leaders, Roz attended the 2019 Fortune Global Economic Forum in Paris, France. Roz has been recognized with several awards:

  • Women Breaking Barriers Award 2019 by Women of Influence

  • Angel of the Year 2021, by Angel Academy

  • Entrepreneur Award of the year from the China government for her achievements in technology and partnership opportunities based on her role as Senior Advisor to the U.S. – China Culture Exchange Association

  • She was honored as an ambassador during the World Trade Center's 41st Global Assembly in Beijing

Roz Huang is a passionate voice about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Her mission is to continue to inspire others to build an inclusive culture in business and life.

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What Clients Say

"Roz is hard-working, super-connector, confident and friendly. Roz know who and how to connect wit right people regardless of industry, function, and individual traits"

Jonathan Liang, Senior Technology Strategy Consultant Deloitte



How Master of the Business Basics will change how you feel and how you grow your business.


Rather than being haunted by doubt and discomfort, you'll have the confidence to develop, become, and attract business success courageously


You will Master the business basics. Having a step-by-step guide to developing a successful business plan


You will learn how to use your basic "East meets West" leadership toolkit to build your business


You will know how to brand yourself and your business with your Viable Story and learn how to make sure that the story is right for all scenarios


You will grow Wellness and Serenity in your leadership


You will learn how to position yourself in the board room


You will know what steps to take to expand your business globally

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